Thursday, 31 May 2012

C code to shutdown your computer

C language code to shutdown your computer...

This post will show a simple example to create a small shutdown application in C Programming.
The snippet shows a simple code to create .exe by compiling it under TurboC/C++ compiler.
I shut down my system in the same way by double-clicking  on  the exe file generated by compiling this program under C language.

// -- CODE –

// ***********************************************************************
// C example!!!
// -- start of code
// header files
void main()
   char choice;
   // enter  yes/no
   printf("Shutdown your computer now(y/n)?");
   printf("\t Yes:y/n),\n");
   printf("\t No:n/n) \n");
   if( choice == 'y' || choice == 'Y' ) {
      system("C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\shutdown -s");
// C example!!!
// --end of code
// ***********************************************************************

Just compile it by using any compiler and create exe file.
I am using  Turbo C/C++ compiler

Below screenshot shows the code:

C programming -
C program code to shutdown system

The screenshot shows the output which can be seen after -> Ctrl + F9
Enter y or Y and press enter--
C programming -
enter value

After successfully running the program, copy the exe file from:
  •    TC\BIN\SHUTDOWN.exe
  •    To any location on the computer(or desktop)
  •    Just double click, enter y or Y
  •    Successful shutdown… 

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Other posts with video tutorial yet to come.....

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