Wednesday, 12 September 2012


 Windows7 and Windows8


  Windows 8 will launch in October2012.
  We can expect some better features from Microsoft regarding Windows 8 like fast boot time etc.
  So far what I've read there are some exciting differences: 

  1. Automatic applications closing
    Windows7 left it up to the user to decide whether he wanted to close the running programs or not. This means that if you started using a lot of programs at once, your system’s speed will slow down and it can hang.  Windows 8 tries to help you in managing your programs and your system’s performance as it closes your applications and programs which you haven’t used for a certain time-period so as to help you in keeping your system speed intact.
    (windows will auto-save it before closing , but I still think that this feature is not good for
    users with Multi-Tasking capabilities.)

  2. Dynamic desktop with dynamic tiles
    The Desktop mode in Windows 8 is different from Windows 7, there is no Start menu.        Wherever you are in Windows 8, either touching the middle right of your screen or hovering over there brings up a menu, which consists Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings icons.
    Microsoft has replaced the normal shortcut icons with dynamic tiles. There size can be changed and also display information.

  3. Boot time is very fast in Windows8
    Microsoft repeated the same before launching Windows7 but now Microsoft has finally made an improvement in boot time which is considered best for users.
    (for users too, windowsXP/7 boot time still needs to be fast.)

  4.  Interface:
    Interface is the default home screen for Windows 8, and features a series of colourful tiles, each offering access to a different application.You can customise your device's Metro interface, adding for instance access apps, web pages, images etc.
    Metro is bold and striking and it's colour scheme can be changed to suit your taste. You can also log in to an account, and take your settings and apps with you wherever you roam.It is scalable too.

  5. Built-in Antivirus:
    Windows 8 has an antivirus present inside the kernel of the operating system

  6. Mount ISO images without a problem
    Windows 8 will mount the image too with Windows 7 feature of burning ISO image to a DVD. This allows you to create a virtual drive to mount the ISO image so that you can easily use it just like a normal DVD.