Thursday, 4 September 2014

Enable Telnet in Windows7

Telnet is a network protocol for TCP/IP networks. It connects your system to the server on the network. Through this the server is controlled while working on the system.

Follow these steps to Enable/Activate Telnet Client in Windows 7:

  • Go to Start and click Control Panel:
Select Control Panel - techterabyte
Control Panel

  • Select Programs and Features:
Select Programs and Features - techterabyte
Programs and Features

  • Click "Turn Windows features on/off"
Windows feature - techterabyte
Window Feature

  • It will take some time to show the complete list:
Windows Feature - techterabyte
Dialog Box for Windows Feature

  • Go to Telnet Client, select the check-box and press OK. It will take some time to add:
Select Telnet Client - techterabyte
Select Telnet Client

  • Now, go to cmd, type telnet and press enter:
cmd - techterabyte

  • A message will appear "Welcome to Telnet", it means that Telnet Client is successfully enabled/activated:
Telnet Enabled - techterabyte
Telnet Enabled

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