Wednesday, 18 July 2012


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 

This post will give introduction about markup language known as HTML.
It is a markup language for displaying static web pages and to display content on website.
According to me, this is the simplest language.
You can play around with this language to understand it thoroughly.
But, if you've just started with it then this simple understanding of this post will help you a lot.

This is being:

Extended from: SGML
Extended to: XHTML

The filename extensions used is: .html, .htm

You can use any text editor i.e Notepad, Notepad++

 HTML is written in the form of HTML elements which consist of tags enclosed in angle brackets ie. < > (like <html>, <head>, <body>), within the web page content.


Code for HTML

Save the above page as amtdw1.html or amtdw1.htm.

The above shows the following tags:
 <html> = tag for html
 <title> = title visible on the top of web page
 <head> = tag for heading
 <body> = content to be shown n the web page

Now. open the above page under any Web Browser:

Output :(this will be shown on the browser as web page)


     This way you can run your program in HTML.

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Other posts with video tutorial yet to come.....
"I am sure that blogs really help people around the world.
Let us follow this simple thinking of sharing knowledge . . ."

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