Saturday, 25 August 2012


Using command prompt and accessing DOS shell in Turbo C compiler



This post is related to running a simple c/c++ program using DOS shell. 


All these years, we've used TurboC/C++ compiler to run our c/c++ program by using:
-> COMPILE->alt+f9
-> RUN->run+f9.

Follow the below steps to run your c/c++ program using DOS shell->
  1. Open turboc

  2. File-> New-> SaveAs-> AMIT1.C
(click on the image)


  3. Write any program, add two numbers program is shown here for simplicity.    


4.  File-> Save (or press F2)  


5.  Now, compile this program first to create it’s exe file.      press->alt+f9 


6.  The most important step, how to reach DOS shell->   

      File -> DOS shell

 7.  DOS shell will open (below)



8. Now enter->  

       AMIT1.exe (name_of_the_file.exe, as we compiled it before) , press ENTER.

      You can see the ouput here i.e. 5 + 10 = 15    




  11.  Write EXIT->       Press ENTER

  12. You’ll be returned to the same blue screen(where your program is visible)..
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