Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Run your first program in JavaScript !!

This post will describe you about running your first program in JavaScript.
Starting with this, a user must have some introductory knowledge:
  • It is a scripted weekly-typed, dynamic language.
  • Scripting language is a light-weight programming language.
  • Appeared in the year 1995 and was designed by Brendan Eich.
  • It is an implementation of ECMAScript language standard.
  • File-extension is .js
  • It is used in web pages, desktop apps, internet servers etc.

Write the following code in any text file like notepad, notepad++ etc,
 then save this file as .html or .htm extension: amitdiwanJS.html


<!-- <script> tag is used to insert JavaScript into html document. -->
document.write("<p><u>first javascript program for beginners</u></p>");
document.write("<b>My Blog:amtdw.blogspot.com</b></p>") ;



The above can be explained as:
  •  for HTML tags refer my blog post for html i.e. 
  • <script> : this tag is used to insert JavaScript into html document.
  • document.write: this prints the text to the page.
  •  !--      --> : these are used for comments

Now. open the above page(amitdiwanJS.html) under any Web Browser:

Output :(this will shown on the browser as web page)

This way you can run your program in JavaScript by inserting <script> tag in HTML
Simple... :)

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Other posts with video tutorial yet to come.....
"I am sure that blogs really help people around the world.
Let us follow this simple thinking of sharing knowledge . . ."

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